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Living in Calabash, South Carolina

Living in Calabash, South Carolina

Fast Facts About Calabash, North Carolina

Population (2020): 2,057

Median Income (2020):

  • Individual: $21,170
  • Household: $36,936

Distance from:

  • North Myrtle Beach, S.C. – 20 min
  • Myrtle Beach, S.C. – 39 min
  • Conway, S.C. – 46 min

County: Brunswick County

Type of Location: Rural

Nearest Airport: 

Why is Living in Calabash, North Carolina Nice?

Calabash, North Carolina is a great place to live. A small fishing town that is part of the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan area, it is in close proximity to the ocean and beaches. Myrtle Beach is a mere 25 miles from Calabash so residents can enjoy all the attractions of that city as well. 

As a fishing town, there are charter boats for tours as well as deep sea fishing available daily. 

Living in Calabash means great food and a great location. Small shops pepper the restaurant-lined streets, giving residents ample opportunities to enjoy their surroundings. There are also ample golf courses perfect for sports enthusiasts.

What is Calabash Known For?

Calabash, North Carolina is known for being the “Seafood Capital of the World” and prides itself on serving “Calabash-style” seafood in its restaurants. Many other coastal towns serve Calabash-style seafood in their restaurants as an homage to the original from Calabash. 

The Calabash River flows through town which the locals use for fishing.

Living in Calabash, North Carolina puts you at the South Carolina border as the southernmost city in North Carolina.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Calabash?

The Top 10 highest-rated restaurants in Calabash, North Carolina are:

  • Malia’s, for both American and international cuisine
  • The Willcox Restaurant, for American fare and a full bar
  • Betsy’s Round The Corner, for American food in a diner atmosphere
  • Aiken Brewing Co., known for their American food and comprehensive brewery
  • What’s Cookin’ Downtown, for American food in a cafe setting
  • Casa Bella, for authentic Italian cuisine
  • Apizza Di Napoli, for brick oven authentic Italian
  • Tako Sushi, for inventive sushi dishes
  • City Billiards, for American food and entertainment
  • Taj Aiken Indian Cuisine, for authentic Indian food

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